Bold Point Park is located in the waterfront of providence river, it has good visual connection to Providence downtown area. The tide and current here gives it great potential to be a tidal park.
Landform Study
Landform Generation
 In different tidal condition, the edge of this site will change apparently. The water will be pushed inside and submerge some area, the higher part will be strengthen instead.  Due to the direction of tide, the new edge will be the protection and create harbors for vegetation and kayaks. Different landform created by cut and fill also provide people with multiple experience, in some place, people goes down and their view will be blocked, in another area, they could walk up and overview the whold site and the city view from another side.
 Due to the different speed and direction of water, the vegetation along the coast will have great diversity from lawn to marsh. The circulation will also change when the tide is in different elevation.  
 The main circulation is east-west direction, people are led to the edge to see the ocean and city view as well as the diverse vegetation. 
LDAR W217_JingLi_full site section 1.jpg
LDAR W217_JingLi_full site section 1-1.jpg
LDAR W217_JingLi_full site section 2.jpg
LDAR W217_JingLi_full site section 2-1.jpg
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